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Optimize your Management


Our public contract tracking tool simplifies the management of your tender offers. It allows you to follow and consult each notice concerning a specific public contract. In addition, it is possible to update commercial statuses and easily access archives.

Enriched with features like an interactive timeline, custom alerts, and a team-sharing option, our application improves collaboration. Thus, you won't miss any important deadlines.

The software also provides you with instant access to official documents related to tender offers. It also gives you the freedom to export your data according to your own criteria.

Furthermore, our platform allows you to add confidential data, such as your success rates. In this way, you benefit from a comprehensive and accurate view of your sector. This helps you make informed decisions in the field of public contracts.

Go Deeply Into Your Sector


Thanks to your profile on our platform, managing your presence in public contracts becomes a breeze. You can track your participations and awards to measure your performance. Additionally, the competitor sheet and the activities of other companies are accessible. You will also get an overview of the geographical distribution of contracts.

Furthermore, our statistical analysis function allows you to create interactive graphs. These can be customized according to various criteria. Thus, you can easily spot opportunities for contract renewal. These tools provide you with a comprehensive and accurate view to seize opportunities in the field of public contracts.

The GPC Gov Philosophy

Our highly qualified public procurement selection service relies on two key elements: meticulous qualification of tenders and the creation of a customized search profile for each client. This profile is crafted by combining keywords and their variants, contractor approvals, and CPV codes relevant to your activities.

We believe that the synergy of these elements is crucial for providing our clients with a relevant selection of public procurements that meet their specific needs. This is why we have implemented a daily manual analysis process, carried out by the same team that creates the customized search profiles. Our service is continually improving, and we work closely with our clients to ensure that their search profile always reflects their current activities and needs. With our personalized approach, you can be confident in receiving a highly qualified selection of public procurements that align with your expectations and ambitions.

Customer survey success

* rate given by our clients based on a satisfaction survey

Testimonials from our clients

CEO @Sicli Fire Protection

At Sicli, we chose GPC Gov. We noticed a clear difference compared to our previous providers. Tracking competitors and planning for the upcoming weeks has been a real asset. The centralization of all procedures, whether published or not, along with tools like notes, reminders, and custom developments proved decisive. For public market monitoring, I highly recommend GPC Gov.

Tender & Quality Manager @Asap

Asap partners with GPC Gov for government procurement follow-up. Via the follow-up tool we receive targeted new publications and we can coordinate and monitor our actions both internally and externally. Our employees rate the application as user-friendly, informative and tailor-made for us. Contact with GPC Gov is open and customer-oriented, they understand our business and appreciate our input: it's nice to be able to work together in co-creation in this way.

Public specialist @Agilitas

In order not to miss any public procurement publications, we switched to GPCGov last year. We experience the very specific, tailored information of our HR services, the short line with and easy accessibility of our regular contact person as very positive. GPCGov also continues to develop and likes to gauge our vision.

Secure and Responsive Portal

Our portal uses the latest information technologies and is fully secure. It is also adapted to all screen resolutions, whether you use a computer, tablet or mobile phone. In addition, our portal offers complete management of the commercial monitoring of public tenders, a view of the competition and a detailed analysis of the results.

Our team

Gilles Hunninck


Gilles Hunninck


After 16 years of IT development for large companies, I decided to make a dream come true ... to be my own boss.
The health crisis gave me the opportunity to develop the GPCGov system as it is and after hard work the dream came true. GPCGov is born!

Philippe Huygens


Philippe Huygens


After various experiences in sales functions, he discovered a real passion for government public procurement. His ideas and involvement brought the people and the skills essential to the project together. Philippe wants to offer companies a real tool for managing their public tenders opportunities.

Christophe Renaut


Christophe Renaut


More than 10 years and alongside Philippe, he was at the service of companies and acquired an in-depth knowledge of government public contracts. After experiences in teaching and group management, his 10 years in public procurement led him to start GPC Gov. Attentive to the needs of companies, listening to others, he brings his knowledge and experience to our project.

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Volvo Car Belgium

Lohmann & Rauscher SA




Dictée Center


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