Public procurement sectors and categories

Public works contracts: public works contracts relate to contracts relating to construction, renovation or maintenance of buildings, roads, bridges, tunnels, installations industrial, etc.

Public supply contracts: public supply contracts relate to contracts for the purchase or rental of goods, such as equipment, vehicles, office supplies, machinery, etc.

Public service contracts: public service contracts concern contracts relating to intellectual or technical services, such as consulting, training, maintenance, cleaning, transport, security services, etc.

Public contracts for defense or security works: these public contracts are specific to the defense and security sectors and concern contracts relating to defense-related equipment or infrastructure, such as weapons, equipment communications, security systems, ships, aircraft, etc.

There are also other categories of government procurement, such as research and development procurement, design, build, finance and operate (CCFE) procurement, partnership procurement of innovation (PPI), etc. The choice of procurement category will depend on the nature and purpose of the contract, as well as the specific requirements of the contracting authority.

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