Submission of public tenders

Publication of the contract notice: the public buyer publishes a contract notice, which announces its intention to award a public contract. This notice is published in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) for European public contracts, and in the Bulletin des Adjudications for Belgian public contracts. This notice contains information on the subject of the contract, the award criteria, deadlines for the receipt of tenders, etc.

Request for procurement documents: Interested bidders request procurement documents, which contain technical specifications, award criteria, terms of submission, etc.

Submission of tenders: tenderers submit their tenders within the deadlines set out in the contract notice. Tenders must comply with the requirements and technical specifications of the market.

Bid evaluation: the public purchaser evaluates the bids on the basis of the award criteria announced in the contract notice. These criteria may include price, quality, durability, reliability, etc. The public buyer can also organize negotiations with the tenderers to clarify or improve the offers.

Award of the contract: the public purchaser awards the contract to the tenderer who has presented the most advantageous offer in terms of the award criteria. The public purchaser may also decide not to award the contract if no offer meets its criteria.

Notification of the award: the public purchaser notifies the award of the contract to all the tenderers who participated in the procedure. This notification must contain information on the reasons for the award, the name of the successful tenderer, the contract price, etc.

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