Public procurement tender procedure

Publication of the tender notice: the public entity publishes a tender notice in newspapers or on specialized electronic platforms, in order to invite interested companies to bid.

Preparation of Bids: Bidders prepare and submit their bids in accordance with the requirements of the tender, which may include information on technical specifications, deadlines, contractual conditions, etc.

Tender evaluation: the public entity evaluates the tenders submitted by the bidders using pre-established criteria, such as price, quality, deadlines, etc.

Award of the contract: the public entity selects the tenderer having submitted the most advantageous tender on the basis of the evaluation criteria, and awards the contract to him.

Signature of contract: Once the public entity has chosen the successful bidder, the parties sign a contract which sets out the terms and conditions of the contract.

Execution of the contract: the successful bidder begins to execute the contract in accordance with the terms and conditions agreed in the contract, ensuring that the deadlines and technical specifications are met.

Closing of the market: once all contractual obligations have been fulfilled, the market is considered to be closed.

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